Pineapple Diesel (unavailable)




Pineapple Fields (Pheno B) x Pineapple Fields (A male)

Parental Information

Mom-  The “B” pheno of pineapple fields was used for this F2, which speeds up the overall bloom time of the entire gene pool. Smells of Roadkill/fuel/pineapple dominate the terpene profile.



Dad-The dad is leaning towards Pineapple Fields “A”  pheno, and provides the “b” pheno with a good balance for the offspring.

Indica/Sativa %

Sativa Dominant

Feminized Seeds?


Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:

9-10 weeks

# of Phenotypes?


Describe each phenotype expression:

Pheno “A”- (25%) 50/50 pheno exhibiting traits from both parents and nearly a perfect plant. 9-10wk bloom, chunky buds/good yielder , PM resistant, purple hues and an amazing pineapple/candy/dank smell.


Pheno “B”(60%) reeking of pineapple roadkill, this Kali Snapple dominant pheno that is the smelliest of the bunch. incredible terpenes and high.


Pheno “C” (10%) Ms.Universe pheno that takes the longest to bloom (10wk) but the skyrocket high is well worth the wait. pineapple/haze smells and flavors bless the senses when this lady is in the area.

Pheno “D” (5%), recessive pineapple genes that will make you salivate at first whiff. Pineapple juice is the main smells you will get from her.



Resin Profile:

High resin

Odour Score:


Odour Description:

Pineapple, Fuel, Haze, Road Kill

Flavour Score:


Flavour Description:

Pineapple, Tropical fruit, haze, old school skunk

Potency Score:


High Type:

well rounded, cerebral/body


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