Huckleberry Space Queen

Huckleberry SQ2 (1 of 1)Strain Name:

Huckleberry Space Queen


Dynasty Genetics

Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc

  • Stabilized Polyhybrid


Space Queen F3 X Oregon Huckleberry [2014]

Parental Information

MOM-  The Space Queen F3 mother is the same mom used for the Soliloqueen. She is very fast blooming with an amazing amount of trichomes.  A well rounded uplifting buzz makes it great medicine for anti-anxity, depression and more.

DAD- Our newly selected Oregon Huckleberry Male [which is a strain we started back in 2007], has become married with the Space Queen F3, providing a frosty, fast blooming, vigorous offspring that nicely compliments one another.. 

Indica/Sativa %

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Feminized Seeds?


Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:


# of Phenotypes?


Describe each phenotype expression:

Pheno #1(30%)- Space Queen dom pheno that is one of the fastest blooming and extremely resinous. This pheno has a nice terpene profile resembling “berry yogurt” infused with weed. 


Pheno #2(50%)- 50/50 pheno provides a nice compliments from both parents and is the most common in the gene pool throughout testing..  The smells are subtle, but the smells/flavors come thru nicely upon a good cure..


Pheno #3(20%)- Huckleberry dom. and the most dense of the group. the stretch is minimal as well (.5x), so be prepared for a little longer vegetive time for this pheno.





Resin Profile:

Copious Resin

Odour Score:


Odour Description:

sweet/sour berry/vanilla/skunk

Flavour Score:


Flavour Description:

sweet/tart berry/hashy undertones

Potency Score:


High Type:

relaxing, anti-anxiety, balanced head/body effect 

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